Key Themes

SportsPro Madrid is the home of the sports media, OTT and streaming industry.

2023 explored the themes of content, monetisation, and technology, learning what is the right approach to the broadcast, digital and media landscape for your business – whether you’re a tier one property, a broadcaster, or a challenger sport.   


The sports monetisation framework is fraught with challenges, but full of opportunity. Where subscriptions once reigned supreme, and unforgiving macroeconomic cost environment has led sports to turn to advertising to bolster revenues. From FAST to AVOD or SVOD to TVOD, we  discovered the monetisation framework right for your business.


Sports content has never been more varied, creative, or sought after. It has also never been more important. Whether it’s original content, live sport, highlights, social media, or alternative broadcasts, we heard from those at the cutting edge of consumption trends to craft a content strategy for your business.


Technology underpins almost every facet of the sports media industry. It has transformed opportunities for fan engagement, it has allowed major events to be delivered remotely via the cloud, and it is on the front line of the fight against sports piracy, amongst others. SportsPro Madrid 2023 posed the opportunity to network with and learn from the technology innovators at the frontier of the sports industry’s future.

Topics covered...

  • Monetisation models
  • FAST channels
  • Direct-to-consumer
  • Fragmentation and discoverability
  • Subscriber acquisition, retention and churn
  • E-commerce
  • Original content and programming
  • Social and creator-led content
  • Highlights
  • Alternative broadcast
  • Gamification, fantasy sports, sports betting
  • Discovery & distribution
  • Remote and cloud-based production
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Web 3.0, VR and AR
  • Anti-piracy
  • Fan engagement
  • Latency, scalability and reliability