What is SportsPro Madrid?

When the SportsPro OTT Summit launched 6 years ago, OTT and streaming were the most exciting development in the sports broadcast industry for a generation.  

Since then, we’ve seen the OTT Summit establish itself as one of the core events in the sports broadcasting calendar. However, during that time, OTT’s role has evolved to integrate into a wider sports media and broadcast transformation.  

In fact, over the years this has become evident at our events where it’s become impossible to produce a programme exclusive to just the OTT sector alone. 

So that’s why in 2023, SportsPro’s OTT Summit becomes SportsPro Madrid – where you can connect, learn and engage with the future of sports media. 

We’ll still cover all of the topics of previous years, but we’ll also be expanding and deepening our coverage of the media ecosystem: the strategies, the technologies, the platforms, the economics, and the delivery of sports’ most lucrative source of revenue. 

We can’t wait for you to join us on the next stage of the journey. 

The future of sports media starts now – see you all at SportsPro Madrid.