The Secrets to Media Monetisation

Where subscription-based models once reigned supreme, sports must now embrace advertising to generate additional revenue. From the technologies that drive efficient monetisation, to the content strategies that underpin them, this edition will explore how to choose and implement the ‘right’ monetisation model to commercialise audiences and attract new fans.

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Behind the scenes of British Basketball League’s content monetisation strategy

18th Oct | 14:00 BST - 
14:30 BST

Aaron Radin


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Lydia Fairfax


Triple Crown Consulting 500x500

Unlocking profit potential: Finding the right monetisation model

18th Oct | 14:30 BST - 
15:15 BST

Pierdamiano Tomagra

Head of Digital

Serie A 500x500

Aviram Bogin

SVP, Business & Go To Market

DAZN (200 × 200px)

Marta Aparicio

Head of Digital Strategy

LaLiga (500 × 300px)

Dan Steele

VP, Sales EMEA

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